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As CEO of The Johnson Companies, I would like to welcome you to If you have never heard of  A. L. Johnson Contracting Company or Bethel Builders, you probably want to know, "What The Johnson Companies is really about?" The answer to that question is simply The Johnson Companies is about excellent people providing excellent building construction services. To serve our clients, we utilize quality people, people who can develop solutions which benefits our clients, minimize their risks and ensure the financial and functional success of their projects. Oftentimes, construction may seem like the business of brick, mortar, concert and sheetrock, but the true essence of our business is people. It is our professional staff working together with our clients that makes your projects successful. That is why every member of The Johnson Companies team places value on the success of your project.

The Johnson Companies is also about transforming the visions and dreams of our clients into reality. Every project, regardless of the size, is singular and special to our client. Therefore, we treat every project as a unique opportunity to assist our clients in meeting their philosophy as we complete their projects. Be it a small or large project, The Johnson Companies is dedicated to the continuous evaluation and assessment of our project delivery system and process with unparalleled focus by every member of our team.

The core values of The Johnson Companies are: integrity, dependability, teamwork and technical competence. These core values will never change and will always come first.

"Old- fashioned" traditional philosophy has made The Johnson Companies a most respected construction services firm. Since the inception of The Johnson Companies, this has been our commitment, and we will continue to bear this standard as we move into the new millennium.


Our Mission

To provide our clients with the highest technical innovative construction services in the industry and to create client relationships founded on mutual respect, professionalism, integrity and dedication. Our solid foundation and expertise in general contracting, project management and construction consulting enable us to construct quality projects in a timely and cost efficient manner.  We are committed to our clients to meet their business goals by providing leadership, expertise, professional service and continuing to improve our skills and develop new capabilities.


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