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North Atlanta High                                    Centennial Elementary


North Atlanta High School


Building Type:                High School
Building Area:                280,000 sq. ft.
Location:                       Atlanta, Georgia
Owner:                          The City of Atlanta Board of Education
Architects:                      Lord Aeck & Sargent   

Scope of services:

Addition and interior renovations to an existing school.  This unique project created the first magna program school for the arts.  Work includes the new construction of a media center and new lecture halls with total renovation to the existing building including kitchens, gymnasiums and classrooms.

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Centennial Elementary


Building Type:                 Elementary School
Building Area:                 60,000 SF
Location:                        Atlanta, Georgia
Owner:                           The City of Atlanta Board of Education
Architects:                      Stanley, Love Stanley PC

Scope of services:

Where as the traditional schools are designed around a central spine or corridor with access to individual classroom area via a main corridor classroom, the design of Centennial Place Elementary School is a departure from this traditional lay out. This project was designed around a open plan concept, which enables interaction between the adjacent classroom and greater use of shared facilities between the instructional spaces. When necessary, the classrooms are separated by the use of folding partitions.

The school is strategically located adjacent to a new YMCA facility, which supports the schools physical education, extra curricular activities and after-school childcare.

The construction consists of a structural steel frame with masonry exterior walls and interior partitions. The building is covered with a galvanized metal roof with pop-ups at various locations to allow natural light into the space. The interior finishes includes paint on masonry walls, vinyl tile and carpet floors and acoustical lay-in ceilings. The architect used a large color pallet and wall mounted light, to greatly enhance the interior aesthetics
of the project.

A. L. Johnson Contracting Company, Inc., in a joint venture provided Construction Management services for the entire project. These services commenced at the planning stage of the project and included some of the
following services:

  1. Prepare construction estimates and cost verification checks during the
    development and pre-construction phase of the design.
  2. Provide value engineering services to maintain the Owners budget.
  3. Provided the Owner with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) at the 35% stage of the design.
  4. Prepare bid packages for sub trades.
  5. Oversee the bid process on the Owner's behalf.
  6. Perform bid analysis on sub trade bid packages and make recommendations for award to the Owner.
  7. Provided on-site construction management services as the prime contractor to the owner.

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